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Need to sell or Looking to buy a horse ?

Contact us today! We have many horses for sale. If we dont have what you are looking for,  we will find it for you.

Avoid the time consuming process and paperwork of selling your horse. 
Here at Clermont Equestrian will work on behalf of the sellers in all the areas o
f the selling process, all offers will be presented to the owner. We will take horse photography and video if needed and will manage sales related inquiries by phone, email and texts. We will list the horse on social media pages, horse related sale websites and flyers for local locations, mouth to mouth, shows, fairgrounds, feed stores etc. We will make appointments and meet with potential buyers and coordinate the horse trial, we will take care of all the sale agreement paperwork between buyer and seller, and veterinarian inspections.
All for a 15% commission . No required minimum amount. We work will all types of horses and with all price rang

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What Does Leasing a Horse Mean?

When you are leasing a horse at Clermont Equestrian, you are paying a set flat fee for the ability and privilege of additional riding time by yourself on that particular horse. In many ways, leasing a horse is similar to owning a horse, with fewer financial responsibilities and without the hassle of purchasing. For many equestrians and horse lovers, leasing a horse is a great step towards eventual horse ownership and learning everything that goes into caring for horses of your own.

Half  Lease:

  • $400 fee + $375 ( half of outside board)

= $775.00 monthly , no other hidden fees

Full  Lease :

  • $800 fee + $750 (full outside board)

= $1,550.00 monthly , no other hidden fees

*A minimum of one lesson per week is required for all leases. Not included in the cost of leasing. 

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