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Click the link above to book lessons with our trainers, pro-rides, al-a-carte services, and tours to visit our barn!

To book private lessons, services, our barn tours, click on "Appointments" or "Services"

To book group lessons, toggle to "Classes"

Please see below for what to expect for lessons as well as pricing

If this is your first time coming to Clermont Equestrian, you are required to print and sign this document and bring it with you to turn into the ranch owners.

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What We provide: 

  • English, Hunter/Jumper, Dressage and Natural Horsemanship.

  • All ages and any level, anyone is welcome! 

  • Our facility offers a round pen, large arena, dressage arena and a large jump field.

  • ​We have a flexible schedule and arena lights to make scheduling easy and convenient!

  • Group lessons are also available depending on age and riding level.

Lesson Guidelines:

  • Long pants and closed toed shoes are required. After your 3rd lesson, you will be require to wear riding pants and riding boots.

  • Must be at least 3 years old.

  • Helmets are mandatory and are provided.

  • Due to the weight capacity that a horse can carry (20% of a horses weight), you may not exceed 200 pounds to safely ride our horses.

  • We do not accept advance payments at this time.

    • Lesson payment is processed through Square. Your card will be placed on hold for private when you book an appointment and we will charge your card after the lesson has completed. For group lessons, you will be charged at the time of booking the lesson. There is a 3% processing fee for all lesson bookings.

  • Please keep in mind that we have a strict cancellation/no-show policy. Please refer to the policy detailed in the appointment when you book your appointment.



Riding Lessons:

Beginner Riders

  • $70 for a private 50 minutes lesson

  • $60 for a group (2+ riders) 1h 15 minutes lesson

    • To do a group lesson, you must confirm with the trainer first and you cannot do a group lesson for your first lesson.​


Intermediate & Advanced Riders

  • $80 for a private 50 minutes lesson

  • $70 for a group (2+ riders) 1 hour lesson

  • To do a group lesson, you must confirm with the trainer first and you cannot do a group lesson for your first lesson.​


What to Expect:

  • All lessons are 50 minutes in length and start promptly at your scheduled time.

  • We offer lessons for beginners, intermediate, and advanced English riders. We focus primarily on hunter, jumper, and equitation, but are skilled in other divisions as well.

  • You are expected to retrieve, groom, and tack up the horse that your trainer advises you will be riding at that lesson.

  • Please arrive to our facility 30 minutes prior to your lesson to give yourself ample time to get yourself and your horse ready for a lesson.

  • You will also be expected to untack, groom/hose off the horse you rode, put your riding gear away, and put your horse back in the stall/paddock. This can take about 30 minutes.

What to Expect for your First Lesson to Learn How to Ride a Horse:

  • In your first lesson(s) will learn how to safely take care of a horse. You will acquire the skills required to prepare yourself and your equine partner to take further riding lessons.

  • Parents be ready to join the fun and learn as well.

  • You will begin with grabbing a horse from their stall, you will learn how to put on a halter, the basics of grooming, learning the body parts of a horse, the names of brushes along with tack. You will learn to tack up/untack your horse and how to put away your equipment properly, bubble bath wash your horse and finish by bringing them back to their stall.

  • After learning how to tack and groom a horse, riders will ride the horse for short amount of time, then will continue with untacking and washing the horse.

  • To graduate from these more basic beginner riding lessons, riders/parents must be able to retrieve, groom, tack/untack, groom, and put away a horse.

  • Beginners are riders who have either never ridden or cannot canter around the area by themselves.

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