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About Us

Clermont Equestrian (formerly known as C's Horse Ranch) is a family-owned stable, owned by Manon Cremer Ceja & Rob Ceja, founded in 2016. At C's, we pride ourselves in the community we form at our facility, creating a sanctuary for horses, and providing a special connection to riders with horses.

The dream of opening a stable started when Manon was a young girl and it only grew after the years of experience she gained riding. She saw too many high end barns that didn't have a background in horsemanship, didn't have a knowledge of the science of equines, and saw their horses as nothing more than a machine. Manon dreamed of big open spaces that allowed horses to live a balanced life between working with humans and allowing them to meet their needs of simply being a horse. She worked with so many talented trainers and thought she needed to find a way to be able to tie together experienced instruction, horsemanship, high standards of horse care, community, and opportunity for both riders and horses to excel. She wanted to create a space where each horse could be tailored to based on their individuality and not treat horses like they have to fit into a cookie-cutter box. After so many years in the industry, she knew she had an obligation to create what she dreamed of.

Rob knew of Manon's dream, so they began the journey together to make the dream of C's become a reality.

Clermont Equestrian was built from scratch, where Manon and Rob worked together to perfect every detail. The property was full of orange groves and farming land. It was perfect for them to build completely from the ground up, allowing them to design every aspect of what they aspired for the land to be. They successfully built open pastures, several large outdoor stalls, a beautiful stable, a vast jump field, a dressage and an all-purpose riding ring, with every detail carefully designed. They built in a quiet area of Clermont that has beautiful trails and open land to foster a peaceful horse environment.


As the property completed construction, the dream came to life. Manon and Rob created a space where horse enthusiasts that equally both love the sport and have a love of horses could thrive. They welcomed riders and horses of all disciplines from Dressage and Show Jumpers to Western and Pleasure. They hold holiday celebrations, barbecues and wine tastings to get the staff, boarders, riders and friends together. They not only take riders to shows, but gather together members of the ranch to cheer each other on at shows, and road trip to go watch some of the top tier riders at the big shows in Florida. They not only created a sanctuary for horses, but they created a sanctuary for riders too.

Clermont Equestrian is a unique professional facility that focuses on the ground roots of being part of the equestrian world, where horses and riders flourish.


Manon and Clermont Equestrian are sponsored by Voltaire Design, who strives to reinvent high-end saddlery while keeping elegance and beauty at the forefront, subtly marked with the French touch.


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